Roger Smith & The Infirmary

The Midwest’s Coolest Rock N Roll Show

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Hailing from the Springfield Illinois area, Roger Smith & The Infirmary is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Roger Smith, guitarists Jevon Shaw and Chris Yeager, bassist Lori Kretzinger, and drummer Marty Viola. Individually, all the members of The Infirmary are experienced and accomplished musicians, who have played in many bands and toured the US multiple times in support of national acts. The Infirmary was created by this group of friends to share their love of music with each other and their fans. It is evident when you see them live, The Infirmary loves what they do, and they will make you love it too. With their eclectic mix of punk rock and rock n roll, the Infirmary always puts on an energetic show for the crowd. With music from the Violent Femmes to Steve Earle and everything in between, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. 

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